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Applicable to all kinds of chemical industry, medicine, machinery and other fields of production process cooling requirements, can be used as ice storage cold low temperature air supply and other production process requirements of the process cooling requirements.

  • Medium: water, silicone oil, frozen liquid

  • Temperature control range: -25 ~ 30℃

  • Flow control range: 10 ~ 150T/H

  • Water pressure: 40 ~ 100KPa

  • Using R22 or R404A refrigerant, refrigeration power can be customized

  • Equipped with RS485 communication interface

  • The system is equipped with high voltage, overload and other protection functions


*More models please consult business personnel, can also be customized according to the needs.

  • Imported high-efficiency semi-closed twin screw compressor is adopted, which has high energy efficiency ratio, reliable operation and long service life.

  • Compressor block capacity control, effectively reduce the starting current and the impact to the power grid.

  • High precision large screen touch screen, imported brand PLC controller.

  • Multiple protection functions: compressor exhaust overtemperature, cold water anti-freezing and other temperature protection.

  • Large capacity PLC storage, can permanently save hundreds of alarm records, effective monitoring machine

  • Running condition.Choose the international famous brand of thermal expansion valve, solenoid valve, one-way valve and other control components.

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