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Wireless charger test platform
Non - magnetic material
Triaxial movement mechanism

Special design of temperature test chamber:

1. To meet the products tested there be no metal material influence of electromagnetic field test requirements, test cases do the special design, the test chamber is divided into units and ships were two parts, the control system of test chamber, the heating humidification system and cooling system are concentrated in the unit, is to test the product in the module, and module to keep a distance of more than 500 mm, the unit through the matching of supply air duct, the air transportation precision control of temperature and humidity inside the hull, in order to realize the control of the temperature and humidity inside the hull.

2. The test chamber body adopts upper and lower two-layer design, divided into upper and lower two test chamber bodies, which can be used for testing two product modules respectively. Both test chamber bodies can be used independently.The temperature and humidity can be separately controlled without affecting each other. The heat insulation layer between the upper and lower boxes is made of non-metallic non-resistive material (T≤40mm), which can meet the temperature difference above 35℃.The bearing capacity shall be above 30KG, and the bearing capacity of bottom plate of the temperature box shall be above 150KG.

3. In order to meet the test requirement that the products under test should not be surrounded by metal materials affecting the electromagnetic field, the inner and outer walls of the test chamber are made of non-magnetic materials.

4. Thermal insulation material: T=100mm imported German Bayer fire-resistant high-strength thermal insulation material.

Functional Specification

Triaxial mobile platform is a compact hollow shape structure with stacked layers, which is crucial for processing and testing double-sided LED products requiring high dynamic performance and micron level straightness, as well as measuring applications requiring high precision and precise performance. The mobile platform design can meet the requirements for any of the above applications.


The platform is divided into two parts:

The upper part is responsible for z-axial positioning and connecting the upper product tooling;

The lower part is divided into X, Y 2 axial positioning, connecting the lower product tooling.

High precision design

Using high-precision ceramic ball bearings and precision grinding high strength synthetic material processing surface, straightness and planeness up to ±3um.Application of dual linear motor drive and guide (external), to meet high thrust and speed, acceleration up to 4g.

The compact hollow shape structure of lamination leaves the largest working space and keeps the total height at the minimum. The grating feedback is close to the working surface, and the repeated positioning accuracy can reach ±0.5mm. Through this optimization design, excellent performance and low cost can be achieved.

Integrated test platform
High and low temperature chiller
Product burn-in system
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